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They look lovely, but I can't quite tell what they are - do you bake eggs into biscuits?

Nope, they're basically egg yolks sitting in a little divot on a cloud of (unsweetened) meringue, all on top of toast soaked with a bit of milk. They taste sort of like what poached eggs would taste in the afterlife if you've been very, very good...


That sounds as good as it looks. :)

Okay, now I feel compelled to take my camera with me everywhere I go. What I *really* need to do is hurry up and disable the BEEP on my mini pen-cam so I can snap stealth photos of MARTA passengers and such. Those'll make for stories.

What the hell are daisy eggs?

BTW your stove kicks ass!

Posted the recip above...

You're right about my stove--it does kick ass! It's a Real Host, and it's so old that it has no pilot for the oven--just a little touch-hole marked "light here." Every once in a while, the light doesn't take and the oven just fills with gas until it reaches the pilot on the stovetop and BOOOOM! Lucky for me the oven door is meant to be removable...

OOOOH!!! those are your *Daisy Eggs*!!

A daisy trio, in fact.

Please post receipe!

They look incredible. Please post receipe!

No one is going to take away your camera, Joe, especially when you post such purty pictures.

I wish I had this recipe a little over a year ago : ) I know someone who would have loved them.

Wow, I'd love to see more shots of your stove and appliances. The eggs are gorgeous, too.

Those are just adorable! Makes me wish I liked saucy eggs. As it is, I like my eggs obediant and close mouthed. :)

You must repost this...thanks goodness for google!
I'm fixing these for our Queens from ATL this morning.

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