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(Psst: Your links are all funny. As in the Oblique Strategies one looks like this (and the rest follow the same pattern): http://www.livejournal.com/users/fabulist/“http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/”)


LJ's been doing weird things with my links, which look okay in the original document, but translate oddly when they go live. I did an edit in BBEdit to try and clean them up, so they might work now, I think.

All better now.

I figured it was something weird that your posting client did and as such you were unlikely to see it.

FYI: we own the same chef's knife.

it's a sign.

Maybe we're supposed to duel with 'em, like in the video for Billie Jean, or just co-dice.

let's tie our wrists together with a really pretty scarf and dance around like Julia Child and Martha Stewart.

An apt image. Did you ever see that Julia and Friends episode where that goddamn Stewart was making a wedding cake and talked down to Julia like she'd never made a cake before. Jail wasn't enough, dammit. I wanted her to get the Oz treatment (sssssssss!).

The whole thing about using the drinking straws and acting like Julia was just some wino she picked up in the alley behind the studio.

I was livid.

Sometimes I'm nervous that you will visit and find out that I do everything wrong.

Aww, honey, I already know how wrong you is (and it's delicious, I think).

First, you made me achingly hungry for some scrapple. You cook it exactly the right way, regardless of what some of the yokels around here say ("thick and mushy" my fat ass.) People seem to be as divided on how to properly cook scrapple as they are about politics.

Then, you made me laugh very loudly. I'd love to see the notes on your account at Beneficial/HFC. And the whole Rip Taylor/Joanne Worley thing is just classic Joe Wall. Though personally, I always liked the idea from the Scott Thompson/KITH sketch in which they state that God looks like Oprah. But that's just me.

They may be divided, but only my way is the right one...

I do cut it a little thinner when I'm making an egg and scrapple sandwich or putting it on pizza, tho.

Every time you write something, I am a little more happy to have Friended you.

Of course, now I have to pay the price - I'll be walking around with the word "reflectoporn" in my head for days. And likely I'll end with it in l337 sp34k - i.e, r3f13c70pr0n.

Oh, my.


Don't get me started on all the insane fetishes that the internet seems to have launched.

Joe, for our next lifetime promise to be my uncle or aunt. I am not sure I could deal with you as my kid, sibling, or parent but I want to be related to you.

Seems to already be true, don't you think?

Ya know.

I think you're right. :)

I'm hiding my eggs in shame next time you come over.



Still, you're a wonderful writer. Thanks.


You're welcome.

These days, it's just one mention on Stern or in some similar venue and suddenly there's Yahoo groups all over the place.

Saturday night? We can cook out or go out

Hey, just starting to get caught up and I caught this reply. Can't do Saturday (hideous family obligation looms), but maybe Sunday? Thanks for keeping me in mind, hon.

You have that dream, too?!

I don't recall ever seeing scrapple here in California, and I've never eaten it. Beast parts that don't get thoroughly disguised as sausage or or cold cuts, or made into pet foods, frequently end up being sold whole in the various ethnic viand emporia, and even in chain supermarkets in the more cosmopolitan neighborhoods. I recall seeing whole swine heads displayed in the butcher case of my local Market Basket store (a unit of Kroeger) when I lived in Los Angeles. An adventurous friend bought one once, and tried boiling it. Her house reeked for weeks thereafter. She'd have done better to hunt down some scrapple, I'm sure.

RAPA actually will ship it westward, packed lovingly in dry ice, but it's best experienced at the hand of a good scrapple chef. Next time you and I are on the same coast, I'll introduce you.

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