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That is a lovely piece.

awesome bit, Joe. And Daisy is as lucky as Rose was. And you're the one that gets to cherish them both. Me? I think pets help us remember what it means to be human, without all the baggage.

I wish you'd submit this to the NY Times for their Modern Love column in the Sunday edition. It's PERFECT for that. And I don't think they've featured an essay on dog love.

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This essay definitely stands on its own.

Wonderful. Listen to Marstokyo's suggestion.

What a beautiful essay! This made my eyes water :)
Thank you.
(And ditto what Marstokyo said, too.)

I love her name and I love her ears.

oh that is a cute pup! I love yeller dogs. I'm sorry about Rose, Joe. Even though she kind of scared me.

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