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Lou settling into the household (photos)
sideways in the light

A wayward Carolina dog and her pet beagle in their natural habitat.

That little guy has some ridiculous ears, right?

Daisy's the bruiser, but Lou doesn't stand down.

Dogs have no need for lawyers.

All day, they do this. Seriously. ALL DAY. I'm not kidding. ALL DAY.

I swear, I think they're laughing at us.

They're civic-minded and take an interest in the community.

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T told me about Lou a couple months ago, with tears coating his eyes. Nunc intellego.

He's a character, all right. Daisy's the one for the head, and Lou's all heart.

You need to come out and watch the trains with me in West Virginia in the spring. With luck, I'll have a new outhouse by then.

Two of the best sets of dog ears ever!

What cute couple - it's hard to believe that they still have any energy left!

Oh, they're adorable, that duo!

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